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  1. It’s finally summer in London, and we at Colectivo Futuro have made the most of the sunshine by venturing out over the weekend to check out the Serpentine Pavilion in Hyde Park and the Bold Tendencies sculptures at Frank’s Cafe in Peckham (more on this in a separate post).

    The Serpentine Pavilion showcases the work of architects who have not yet built in the UK, and is now in its thirteenth year. In the past few years we really liked those built by Frank Gehry (2008), SANAA (2009) and Peter Zumthor (2011), so we thought we’d make the trip to check its latest version as well.

    This year, it’s Sou Fujimoto’s turn to re-invent that small patch of green in front of the Serpentine. The Japanese architect has excelled at doing that, as he created a white structure, composed by many grids, resembling a cloud. It’s a bit of a disorienting space as you first walk in, but as you manage to get your head and eyes around it, it’s pretty damn cool.

    The cloud-like pavilion looks almost unfinished. It blurs the boundaries between inside and outside the grid, as it dazzles under the sunshine. If you get close to it, you can spot fine details like the occasional glass panels between one grid and the other, or the stairs you can climb on for a better view.

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